OC MAJ T.A. Harron


SSM: WO2 S. Langdon

Squadron Report November 2019

It was expected that 2019 would be a high tempo year for the Squadron; an expectation that delivered, with an increased demand for cavalry scout support to deployments, training support requests and exercises.

We completed several training activities with 1st Armoured Regiment, including one at Cultana Training Area. This training ranged from the basics, such as defiles drills and obstacle reconnaissance, to a 12.7mm QCB range practice for many of the members. These weekends provide valuable experience in integration with CRV as well as preparation for future tasking's that the unit is able to provide capability to.

Members of the Squadron were also employed in support of a variety of tasks and performed extremely well demonstrating the unit's ability to integrate with an armoured battle group, shaping its role as a contributor to the Cavalry Effect. In addition, the Squadron committed both light cavalry scouts and PMV crews to training and exercises of two weeks or more almost every month. Major exercises supported included Ex PREDATOR'S WALK, Ex JACKA RUN and Ex WARFIGHTER, culminating in Ex TALISMAN SABRE in July. In terms of individual development, several members completed PMV driver, G-wagon driver, Cavalry Scout Patrol Commanders, range qualification and promotion courses over 2019.

Ceremonial activities were fewer this year. In keeping with tradition, the Squadron commemorated Anzac Day with a service at the Light Horse Memorial in Adelaide, prior to joining the Anzac Day march. This Memorial commemorates the service and sacrifice of members of the 3rd and 9th Light Horse Regiments, and their forebears, which were formed in South Australia. In addition, the centenary of the Riverton RSL was celebrated on 22 September, with members of the unit conducting the catafalque party at the memorial. The Riverton RSL has historic links to one of our historic descendent units, 23rd Light Horse Regiment, being one of the main contributors of past members of the Regiment.

Recruiting has gone from strength to strength thanks, in part, to the tireless efforts of LCPL Webb in increasing the profile of the unit within the community, as well as securing our participation in variety of recruiting activities. Monthly information sessions have been conducted for potential recruits at the Edinburgh North Training Depot, including vehicle displays and walk and talk sessions, which proved to be valuable resulting in the unit exceeding its original recruiting target for 2018/19. The flow on of this has also been 10 new members completing their IETs over recent months and two members transiting from full time to part-time service.

Despite being faced with one of the highest tempo years in memory, the Squadron acquitted itself well; meeting the challenges of providing capability along multiple lines of effort by developing and enhancing the unprecedented experiential training opportunities made available to its soldiers and leaders.

Cavalry Scouts from A Sqn 3/9 LH (SAMR) embedded with T27 on EX Warfighter and PMV Crews from A Sqn 3/9 LH (SAMR) who worked in conjunction with 4/19 PWLH to provide BG Jacka a protected manoeuvre capability


Nec Aspera Terrent