They were young, straight of limb, true of eye,
They were staunch to the end, they fell with their faces to the foe.
They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.
Lest We Forget




410632 COL Raymond, John Stanley AM, OBE, RFD, ED (Retd) passed away Wednesday, 25 Apr 2021, aged 92, loving husband of Val for 60 years. He was the CO of the Regiment 1965 - 1967 and HONCOL 1983 -1988. He has been a member of SAMRA for 27 years.

Nec Aspera Terrent

411438 LT Anthony, Ronald, Jack Booker passed away Sunday, 10 Jan 2021, he served 6 yrs, B Sqn, 3/9 SAMR, OCTU 7, 1 Troop Leader in B Sqn, 3/9 SAMR, A Sqn T.O., RLO.

Nec Aspera Terrent

21 April 1943 - 19 March 2020

MAJ M.R. (Roger) Burzacott RFD (Retd) passed away Thursday, 19 Mar 2020, he went quickly and peacefully with his family by his side. Roger was OC of A Squadron 3/9 LH (SAMR) from 1989-1991 and HONCOL from 2005-2011 and has been a life member of SAMRA for 29 years.

Nec Aspera Terrent

4/10081 LT Douglas Haynes passed away Thursday, 27 Sep 18, Douglas was a member of SAMRA for 6 years. His son MAJ Malcolm Haynes said that he was one of the first members of 3rd/9th South Australian Mounted Rifles he joined in July 1948 when the unit was re-raised after WW2.

Nec Aspera Terrent

8 June 1935 - 12 May 2018

LTCOL M. (Murray) Alexander RFD, ED (Retd) passed away Saturday, 12 May 18 after recent cancer surgery. Murray was the last Commanding Officer of 3/9 SAMR in 1974 and has been a Life Member of SAMRA for 31 years.

Nec Aspera Terrent


1 January, 1942 - 26 September, 2017

Peter Lewis passed away 26 Sep 17 aged 75 he has been a life member of SAMRA for 11 years and served in B Sqn circa 1960 to 1964.

Nec Aspera Terrent

SGT Mark Boon passed away 11 Sep 17 aged 82 he has been a life member of SAMRA for 22 years.

Nec Aspera Terrent

George Johnson MM passed away in the Flinders Medical Centre on Tue, 11 Jul 17 aged 95 he has been a member of SAMRA for 19 years.

Nec Aspera Terrent

CPL Brian Long Mick Brook advised that Brian (Longy) Long passed away last week, his funeral will be held at Simplicity Funerals, Main Nth Rd, Enfield at 10.00am Friday 14. Brian was a popular member of the Unit, he was originally in B Sqn at Gawler but I have memories of him when he was working on the Tilly providing us with much needed diesel during our AFX resups. Brian was a member of SAMRA for 23 year and marched with us on ANZAC Day from 2005 - 2009 until he was too unwell to continue..David Mercer

I have fond memories of Longy especially his jerry can of 'cold tea - port'on exercises...Mick Kuilboer

Nec Aspera Terrent

LTCOL C.B. (Cedric) Wells OAM, ED (Retd) passed away after a short illness on Friday, 7 Jul 17 aged 91. Cedric was the Commanding Officer of 3/9 SAMR from 1971 - 1974 and the Honourary Colonel of the Regiment 1977 - 1983. He has been a Life Member of SAMRA since 1987.

Nec Aspera Terrent

VX70397 Peter Coghlan - I wish to advise he died peacefully on 2nd July 2017 after a short battle with lung cancer aged 94. Pa was the last man to continue to march in the Melbourne ANZAC Day parade for his unit (missing only this year due to illness). A march that he was so proud to be a part of and we had the honour of sharing this day with him over the last 25 years.

Sarina (Granddaughter)

William (Bill ) Milton - It is with sadness I advise that dad passed away peacefully on October 5, 2016 at Eldercare, Evanston Park. Mum (Gloria) had died 5 days earlier, on Sept 29. They were buried together after a double funeral on 13 October 2016. Both were aged 92. Dad had served with 2/9 Aust Armd Regt from 1942 until 1945. He was a loyal member of the 2/9 Assn and served as its president for a term in the 1980s. A life member of 2/9 AARGA he used to place the Regimentís memorial crosses near the War Memorial in North Terrace, assisted by other AARGA members...Kay Milton

433823 LCPL John Sampson was cremated on 24 Nov 2016. John's last posting with the Unit was with 1 Tp which was located at Warradale at the time. He served in the Unit from 1972 - 1986 and was a member of SAMRA for thirteen years. He marched on ANZAC Day in 2007, 2009 and 2012 before he became to ill to continue marching with us.

Nec Aspera Terrent

16 October 1952 - 9 October 2015

SGT Breck Donald Waterman passed away on Friday, 9 Oct 15 aged 62 years, after a seven week battle with lung cancer. Breck served in the Sqn from the late 1970s to the late 1980s, he was parading mostly with the Warradale Tp and was TP SGT to Peter Byass 1982-83. Breck joined SAMRA in 1982 and has been a life member for 28 years.

Nec Aspera Terrent

VX51241 Pte Robert James Duncan passed away on 8 Aug 15, aged 93 years. Robert saw active service in the Pacific with 2nd/9th AARG from 1941-43 and later he served with the 2/9 Infantry Bn in 1944-45.

26 April 1922 - 4 July 2015

R.J. (Rex) Lipman AO, ED passed away peacefully on the 4 Jul 15 after a short illness, aged 93 years. He was the Commanding Officer of the Regiment from 1961 - 1963.

He was the CO of the Regiment during the time I served. On his first camp as CO at Cultana, he had us dig a command pit ( known as the coal hole) over which a large tent was erected with steps down into....given our Cavalry role I always thought that was unusual and we said it reflected his infantry training... Quite often he wore odd socks....In deed, he was a character......Wayne Vantenac.

I am pleased that Rex was able to attend the 67th Birthday of his Regiment on 30th May 2015 and speak about its beginning in 1948. He was a remarkable man, dynamic and generous. We will all miss him, Nick Williams AM RFD FAICD, President, AUR Association Inc.

Nec Aspera Terrent

411343 Christopher Stokes RFM (CAPT Retd) passed away at 0130 h on the 10 Jun 15, aged 71 years. He was a life member of SAMRA for 15 years. Chris enlisted in the Regiment in 1966 at Unley as a Tpr and was later posted to A Sqn and in 1967 was promoted to CPL. Chris then discharged and later re-enlisted in 1980 at Warradale again as a Tpr, he then went onto OCTU in 1980 and was promoted to the rank of LT in 1982. After he was commissioned he was posted to 8 TPT SQN (RACT). Chris retired in 1993 as a CAPT in HQ 9 BDE.

Mervyn Maddison passed away peacefullly 21 Nov 13, aged 92. When he first enlisted he was knocked back because of health issues, after he fixed up those issues he reapplied and passed the medical. He wanted to join 2nd/9th Australian Armoured Regimental Group because he had some mates there. He trained at Pucka and in the jungles of Queensland and finished up in the Islands,well versed in tank warfare. Most of his time in the army was as a "Donr" or in other words a Despatch rider. He also recieved a Certificate of appreciation from the 2nd/9th Association for all the work he did - Brian Maddison (son).

Mick O'Callahan was taken by a cancer on 17 Sep 13, Mick OíCallahan was in 1 Troop as a M113 Driver. For 2 years he was my driver when I was Tp Ldr at Gawler. He was great mates with Wally Walton.- Jim Kennelly.

Nec Aspera Terrent

410528 CAPT Clarrie Mitchell ED passed away peacefully and suddenly on 30 Mar 13, aged 80 years.

"I spent a good part of my life (some 14 years) in the Regiment serving with Clarrie as he advanced through the ranks and the various posts we both held. I am pleased to say, I am glad to have know him and many a time we would discuss the pros & cons of Regimental life involving both social & operational activities. In some respects he was a mentor to me and many others through out my army life. Ask a question you got the right answer and friendly advice even when he held the rank of Sergeant Major and I was a baggy arse Corporal. He was one of the first to congratulate both Ron Richards (now deceased) and I, when we were both promoted to 2nd. Lieutenant within the Regiment, OCTU started after that. He was a man of integrity who had the respect of those around him and one you would readily follow. If it is at all possible, I would appreciate it, if you could pass on my few thoughts to the family and offer our sincere condolences from June & Wayne Van Tenac, Panton Hill, Victoria. Whilst, I will not be at the Service on Tuesday, I will be there in thought.", Regards Wayne Van Tenac

"Sad news about Clarrie, he was a Lieutenant in A Sqn. When I first joined the Regiment, I had a lot to do with my early training. Iím sure all of us who served with Clarrie will remember his gruff but friendly manner." Regards Mike Phillips.

"410528 Captain C F Mitchell ED has seniority date of 5 December 1957 as a Lieutenant. He was promoted to temporary captain on 1 July 1968, he was a WO2 before being commissioned. He may have originally enlisted in 3/9 SAMR in 1948, the year the Regiment was established. When the regiment was reduced to a squadron in 1975, Clarrie was chosen as the Tech O and left the Squadron in 1976." Regards Frank Wade

"I remember Clarrie and his brother, known as Clacker. From his home in theCherry Gardens area in an old truck he arrived at the Thomas Street depot for an evening parade. My vague recollection is that before they went home they had swapped its gearbox for one they had in the back of their truck. Perhaps the LAD obliged with some tools"...Cedric Wells

"Clarrie was a WO2 when I joined the Regt in 1959. He remained as such, doing various jobs, until about 1963 when Capt Hill made him leader of a training troop. He stayed in troop leader positions of various A Sqn troops until I left the Regt late in 1966"...John Bradbury

Nec Aspera Terrent

362125 CAPT John Stobart passed away at 2.30am this morning, 6 Dec 12, aged 71 years. He was very brave in his fight against his cancer but at the end it was peaceful and pain free. Thank you all for your ongoing care and well wishes.
Peter, Matthew and the Stobart family.

Nec Aspera Terrent

CPL Kenneth Phillip Charles Ruddock passed away peacefully after a long battle with cancer and general ill health on 29 January 2012, aged 62 years.

Nec Aspera Terrent

LT Ozbert (Ossie) Quirk recently passed away aged 95 years. He was the OC of the Signals Squadron when he landed at Labuan. After WWII he became the President of the Auckland Officers club and was the Past President of the NZ AIF Association.
Geoffrey Quirk (Son).

LT Harold Ernest Shipp passed away peacefully on 9 October 2011, aged 89 years.

Nec Aspera Terrent

SX12739 Tpr L.V. Rogers was a long serving member of HQ Squadron and was with that sqn when he landed on Labuan.
Reg Skinner.

SX14202 Tpr Rex Gum served in HQ and A Sqn for a limited period and then transferred out. He was young and and a keen soldier.
Reg Skinner.

VX53789 Corporal G.T.J. Wrench was one of the few remaining NCO's of the 2/9 Aust Armd Regt, he passed away on 2 June 2011 in Victoria. Gordan was Corporal of 4 Troop, A Squadron (my old squadron)., and was a fine tank commander. He was an excellent soldier, well liked by his crew. He was also a fine athlete and at one stage held the divisional quarter mile title (running). He was a good leader and well regarded by all, He was with his troop at the Brunei assault.
Reg Skinner.

SGT Norman Edmund Lavis 8/11/37 - 25/2/2011 passed away on 25 February 2011. Norm was my Troop Sergeant at B Sqn Gawler when I was first commissioned as a 2nd Lt and got my first Troop. Ellis (Oscar) Wayland.

Service history:

  • Service No 410723
  • National Service in RA Navy Service No 6915
  • Enlisted CMF 27 January 1959
  • Discharged 30 October 1973
  • Rank on Discharge - Sergeant
  • Unit - 3/9 SAMR (B Squadron, Gawler)
  • Awards - EM, Australian Defence Medal, National Service Medal

Nec Aspera Terrent

SX14243 Tpr Gordon Ralph Bodey died on 9 Oct 2010. He was a member of the 3rd Light Horse prior to enlisting in the 9th Armoured Regiment soon after its formation. During training in Puckapunyal Ralph volunteered to transfer to the hastily formed independent squadron which was to be rushed to Malaya . However, Army had no tanks so the scheme was abandoned. From these squadrons the 2/4 Aust Armd Regt was formed and he was transferred to it. He saw his service there (New Guinea, Bouganville). He always attended our social functions' as was his right. He was a good soldier.
Reg Skinner.

The latest SIGNAL acknowledges the death of SX16507 Tpr G. Pallant on 5 January 2010 . He was a long time member of HQ Squadron and was with that Sqn at Labuan on 27 June 1945. He had embarked at Moratai on 19 June and moved to Mempakul about 4 July where he remained until his return to Australia.

Captain .W,E, Lloyd-Green - members may recall the transporters attached to us to move around Australia. Unfortunately they could not come to Borneo but got us to the ships at Cairns. Bill was the OC of the transporter platoon which did an outstanding job. He died in NSW at the end of 2009.
Reg Skinner

410910 LT Ron Richards passed away on 6 February 2010, I new him very well, he was a sergeant when I joined the regiment in 1963, along with such memorable characters as Wayne van Tenac,Brian King, John Bradbury and Malcolm Boyd. He was a very conscientious NCO and took his position in the regiment quite seriously. He was always ready to help new soldiers, like me, with advice and encouragement. At the same time he was capable of reasonably riotous off duty performances, as befitted a sergeant who lived in a mess ruled by Brian Bond along with all the 3/9th soldiers of that vintage, I am very sorry to learn of Ron's passing. I'm sure he will be remembered with fondness by all who knew him....Mike Phillips

Ron rose through the ranks Cpl, Sgt, Lt we were the last to be promoted from within the Regiment, thereafter Officers came from OCTU. He served as OC 3 Troop in C Sqn in 1966 and then went to B Sqn.......Wayne Van Tenac

Nec Aspera Terrent

CAPT A. Ross Runge died on 19 Dec 09 at Cowra Hospital, NSW aged 75 due to prostate cancer. Unfortunately I do not have his full service history available with me but briefly he commenced his military service as a NASHO in the earlier 1950ís before continuing in the CMF in the armoured corp units in Victoria. Promotions within the CMF and transfers with his civilian employer allowed him time in 3/9 SAMR during the early 1960ís as a Captain. Memories of winter exercises at Cultana during this time were regularly recalled to me many years later. He finished up his military career in the mid 1960ís at 1/15 RNSWL on Centurions. Many a time he recalled his time in Armoured Corp with much fondness; however it was only in recent years that he reconnected his association by joining SAMRA.
David Runge (Son)

I remember Ross well - he was the 2IC of B Squadron when I was a Troop Leader. He was a fine bloke - a good mate - and a first class officer.
Cheers Oscar Wayland

Nec Aspera Terrent

NX 96528 Ron Anderson passed away on 24 November, 2009. He served with the AIF for 1063 days in Australia and 668 days outside of Australia, principally with the 2/9 Australian Armoured Regiment, taking part in the landings in Borneo as a TG2 driver operator.

He also spent 12 months after the declaration of peace with the British Occupation Forces in Hiroshima, Japan in February 1946, just 6 months after the dropping of the atom bomb.

On his return to Australia he spent the rest of his working days as an officer in the Taxation Department, retiring in his 60's. Ron was a great family man and an inspiration to his 3 children and grandchildren.
Mrs Iris Anderson

Jon Kearney was a subaltern in my Squadron and commanded 2 Troop, he was at the landing on the coast opposite Labuan. He was a lawyer and finished up on the bench in NSW, Jon attended many of our functions in NSW and I last saw him when the plaques where placed - he was in poor health then.
Reg Skinner

257119 Captain John J Allen RFD ED passed away on 21 Nov 09 in Perth, Western Australia. Many members of SAMRA will remember "JJ" with respect and affection - particularly those members of B Sqn at Gawler who served under John when he commanded the Squadron in the early 1960s. JJ was a fine officer - and one with a real individual style which was his trademark. He started his service in Sydney where he was commissioned into the 30th Battalion (Scottish) and was later seconded to the London Scottish where he served in the UK for several years. On his return to Australia he served with the 27th Battalion - South Australian Scottish and when that unit was disbanded during the Pentropic reorganisation in the late 1950's he transferred to 3rd/9th SAMR. He later served on the Staff at 9 Task Force. He was a great friend to many and a fine officer and he will be sadly missed.
Oscar Wayland

Service history:

  • 1948 - Enlisted 30th Inf Bn NSW Scottish Regt (Black Watch). Promoted to CPL & SGT. Previously Cadt LT School Cadets
  • 1949 - Commissioned, posted Rifle Platoon Commander 3 Pl A Coy.
  • 1952 to 1954 - Attached British Territorial Army
    • a. 1st Bn London Scottish Regt (Gordon Highlanders)
    • b. Familiarisation with parent Regt, The Black Watch Royal Highland Regt
  • 1955 - 30 Inf Bn NSW Scottish (Black Watch) - posted Rifle Coy Comdr B Coy
  • 1956 - Trf 27th Inf Bn SA Scottish (Seaforth Highlanders), posted GSO3 Operations HQ Group Central Comd
  • 1960 - Trf Corps to RAAC, 3/9 SAMR. Posted Sqn Comdr C Sqn
  • 1961 - Promoted T/Major, posted Sqn Comdr B Sqn
  • 1963 - Seconded to Command Staff Trg Unit (CSTU) Central Comd. On request trf to R of O - reverted to CAPT
  • 1966 - Returned ot activel list - post LO HQ 9th Task Force
  • 1967 - Attached A Sqn 3rd Cavalry Regt Vietnam - CMF Observer
  • 1968 - Posted GSO3 (Ops) HQ 9th Task Force
  • 1969 - Performed duties of GSO2 Ops HQ 9th Task Force 1972 - Posted Command Staff Trg Unit Central Command
  • 1973 - Resumed duties at 3/9 SAMR
  • 1975 - Regiment reduced to A Sqn 3/9 SAMR, posted to HQ Sqn

Nec Aspera Terrent

SX23684 Tpr H.J. Dowling passed away on 26 June 2009, Jim was in A Squadron 2/9 Aust Armd Regt as a Ldr/Operator in the Sgt's tank of 4 Troop. He was on LST922 and landed on Red Beach as part of the assault landing on 10 June 1945. He was a quiet but determined soldier who was always reliable.
Reg Skinner.

NX 114311 SGT Gilbert James Brown passed away on 10 May 2009 in Kirrawee, NSW. He was a member of Workshops and was attached to "C" Sqn for the landing on Tarakan on 1May 1945. He sailed in the LSD "Rushmore" [which also carried 13,14 and 15 Troops] and as he was to service them he almost certainly would have landed on I May 1945. "C" Sqn was away from the rest of the Regiment for long periods.
Reg Skinner.

20/3/1933 - 8/8/2009

LTCOL (Retd) C.J.H. (Chris) Hill RFD, ED passed away at the McLaren Vale Hospital after a long illness. He is survived by his lifelong partner Joan, their twin daughters Catherine, Elizabeth and son Robert. Chris was a foundation and life member of SAMRA (23 years) and served as President of the Association from 1989 - 1991.

Nec Aspera Terrent

17/2/1946 - 22/6/2009

SGT Royston (Pissy) David Day passed away at the age of 63 in his home with his wife Jan and his six children after a courageous battle with Leukaemia.

Nec Aspera Terrent

SGT David Pearks passed away on Thursday 12 March 2009. David served in the Australian Army Catering Corp for over thirty years, including National Service and with the Reserve, with the lions share of this time at 3/9 Light Horse (SAMR). It was only last year he decided to hang up the spurs and ladle and retire from the ADF, and we were lucky to have been able thank him for his dedication at the SQNs annual Beersheba dinner in November.

Since the news went out to past and present members of the Squadron, I have been flooded with messages and well wishes to pass on to Dave's family. From COL to CPL, from around Australia and across the globe, messages like:

  • I remember Pearksy's ability to produce good food out of nothing and his constant good humour very well.
  • He was a good man, who looked after the boys.
  • He was one of the most helpful caterers I have ever worked with.
  • Dave was a great mate to us all and we will definitely miss him.

Nothing was too hard for Dave and he always supported the Sqn in the field and at Mess social functions. There was also nothing he could not do when it came to food. From fried jam sandwiches on a budget, to a 4 course meal fit for a king.

His good humour and gentle nature made him one of the most liked members of the Sqn. We were lucky to have had Dave as our caterer and whether it was in barracks or in the field the Sqn was the envy of other units in the Bde. Time after time the quality and variety of the meals served at our mess kept the Troops well fed, happy and always looking for "Back Ups", we will miss Dave's culinary delights.

Hamish McKendrick
Officer Commanding
A Sqn 3/9 LH (SAMR)

Nec Aspera Terrent

26/11/1932 - 5/3/2009

4700224 CPL John Percival Mitchell,passed away on Thursday, 5 March 2009, aged 76 years. Perc was an active Life Member of SAMRA for 14 years. He served in the first original compulsory conscripted National Service at Woodside on 1 Aug 1951 for three months. He was then posted to B Squadron 3/9 SAMR which at that time was an Armoured Car Regiment at Thomas St, Unley. His duties consisted of driving 6 x 6 3 Tonne Cargo Trucks, Staghound Armoured Car, Whites Scout Car and assisted as a dozer operator in the Tank Dozer Troop. He was promoted to Corporal in June 1953 and posted as a driver to Captain Maurie Temple, 2IC of A Squadron.

From his first marriage to Rose he had five children and nine grandchildren and from his second marriage to Barbara he had a further three children which resulted in a another seven grandchildren. He is survived by his elder brother Keith and twin brother Clarrie. Both brothers served with Perc.

Clarrie Mitchell

Nec Aspera Terrent

SX13690 Tpr Len McAvany died on 2 Dec 2008. Len was a member of A Sqn for many years. After service in many places in Australia Len participated in the landings in Borneo. To get there he had a luxury trip on the Kaninbla as he was with the Squadron Recce Officer as his runner. This also meant that he landed only minutes after the infantry on Green Beach to lead in the first tanks from A Squadron, 1 Troop. Regards, Reg Skinner.

17/10/1922 - 18/11/2008

Jim Ferguson, late of Torquay, Victoria passed away peacefully at the age of 86 years. Jim was very involved with all 2nd/9th affairs as well as all the Armoured Corps events at held at Puckapunyal. He was President of their local society for some years, his brother-in-law was Weary Dunlop. Posted to "B" Sqn he was an excellent instructor and later had an outstanding academic career.

He always kept close links with the SA Branch and will be missed.
Reg Skinner

Paul Sansom late of Lindisfarne, Tasmania passed away in a nursing home on the 26th September 2008 after a long illness, he served in C Squadron and saw active service with 2/9 in Tarakan, Borneo during WW2.

Mrs Margaret Sansom

LT Ray Stubbs, the Advertiser of 20 Jan 08 announced the death of Lt R.L. Stubbs. Ray Stubbs enlisted in Tasmania into "C" Sqn then being formed and he moved with it in Oct 1941 to join the Regiment then at Puckapunyal. He spent the next period with that Squadron until he and a number of Sergeants were commissioned. He was immediately moved to "B" Sqn. where he remained for the rest of his service.

Eventually he was appointed troop leader of 9 Troop and he lead this troop in the landing on Labuan Island on 10 June 1945. He supported 2/43 Bn and later 2/28 Bn. until the cessation of hostilities. Ray was a quiet but determined man, a good soldier who always put his troop first. He lived in Adelaide after the war and attended unit functions. He always gave good support to any project that the unit was engaged in.
Reg Skinner.

20 FEB 1928 - 21 NOV 2008

Warrant Officer Class One Brian Bond, we were all saddened by the recent passing of Brian Bond after a long illness. At his funeral on 26 Nov 08 SAMRA members formed a guard of honour as the coffin left the church.

Brian was one of the first to join 3/9th after the introduction of the re raising of the CMF in 1948. He was a long serving Sqn SSM, being promoted to WO1 in 1973. He was the only member promoted in a posting at 3/9th to hold that rank.

He discharged in 1975, after the restructuring of Army Reserve, having served a total of 27 years. Arrangements had been made to acknowledge his service as one of the original members of the CMF, at Government House as part of this yearís Reserve Force Day celebrations. Unfortunately, he was too ill to attend.

Brian is survived by his wife Mary, five children and several grandchildren. He will be fondly remembered and sadly missed.

Ron Teusner - President SAMRA

Nec Aspera Terrent

SX11632 LT Jack Hamilton Mack OAM, born 19 April 1919 passed away peacefully on 23 November 2008. Jack was selected to transfer to the new Armoured Division for which training was about to commence in February 1941. He attended the first schools at Puckapunyal and on their completion he returned to Adelaide in August and he was one of the first batch of officers allotted to the unit being formed by Lt Col F.E. Wells. After advanced training he volunteered to join one of the squadrons being hurriedly formed to be rushed to Malaya to oppose the rampaging Japs. The squadrons could not be equipped in time and the project was abandoned. Jack became Staff Captain to the force on Thursday Island. After the war Jack was a very successful business man. He gave service to the St Andrews Hospital Board which he chaired. He also was a member of Legacy. He served his old unit by being President of the 2/9 Aust. Armd Regt.Gp Association.
Reg Skinner

SX14583 LCPL Kenneth Douglas Williams, born 29 May 1921 passed away peacefully around 16 Nov 08. Ken joined the 2/9 Aust Armd Regt at Wayville in late August 1941 soon after the Unit's formation. At Puckapunyal he was allotted to "B" Sqn and after training he was in the Sqn HQ tanks. He served with the unit in eastern Australia including the Tablelands where he was hospitalised with a severe infection. Thus he was unable to sail with the unit to Moratai. On his discharge he became a very successful manager of a large firm.
Reg Skinner

SX11743 Cfn (Jake) William John Patman, born 20 December 1917, passed away peacefully at his Croydon Park home on the 15 August 2008. He enlisted on the 12th March 1941 as a Tank driver, then later transferred to 2/9th Regimental Workshops as a Cfn Fitter & Turner. He was allocated to B Sqn, 10 Tp, Landing Craft "Carter Hall" as a Cfn. Jake discharged on the 11th January 1946, he started work at Shearers, Woodville after the war and retired at the age of 65 years.

Clarrie Mitchell

C Squadron - 2/9 AARG

  • TX8221 Tpr S.(Scotty) E. McDougall
  • TX8078 M.J. Chivers
  • TX5697 E.E. Cross

Editor: If any members have any service details on the above, please forward to me so I can add it to the page.

SX15266 Sgt Gwynn Thomas John (ĎScottí) Hester, born 15th December 1910, died at Stirling on the 23rd May 2008. He was President of the 2nd/9th AARG Association in 1967/1969. The congregation was well attended at the funeral service at the Church of the Epiphany, Crafers, on the 29th May 2008.†
Cedric Wells

Alwin Fordinandt Lindner (8 Apr 1917 - 16 Apr 2008)

Passed away peacefully on Friday, 16 April 2008 at Mt Gambier, aged 91 years.

WO1 Edward (Ted) George Wescombe
20 Dec 1933 - 5 Aug 2007

Ted did his 100 days National Service at Woodside Army Barracks in 1952 with Clarrie Mitchell, 'A' Coy, 3 Pl, 6 Sect. He was posted to 3/9 SAMR, 'A' Sqn at Unley and completed his two years national service obligation, with the Staghound armoured cars, Canadian scout cars and White command vehicles.

In 1956 he joined the RAAF, in the fire department and served for 22 years, becoming a Chief Fire instructor and qualified to the rank of WO1, he was later posted to Sale, Pt Cook, Thailand and Western Australia.

Ted and Eileen came to live at Burton and was keenly involved with the Salisbury RSL and Para Districts Sub Branch of the National Service Association, he was a member of SAMRA in 2004.

Clarrie Mitchell.

SX14553 Tpr G. Bray passed away on 28/4/07, Geoff was an initial member of "A" Sqn and stayed with the Regiment until Borneo He transferred to "B" Sqn for the Labuan landing. He was a well liked soldier and he always was cheerful and did his duty.

Reg Skinner.

WO2 Harold (Harry) Amos Young passed away on 10 July 2007 aged 69 years. Harry enlisted in the RAAC at aged 18 years, he had a long career with the corps retiring around 1976. He spent three years with the Regiment, 3rd/9th SAMR from 1973 to 1976 as a member of the cadre staff.

LT Ross Williams was privately buried on 22 May 07, aged in his early 80's. Ross was in RHQ as Tp Ldr Recce Tp, Clarrie Mitchell was his 2ic (WO2). Before retirement he was the chief baker at Sunshine Bakery, Seaton. He also served 43 years with the Sea Rescue Squadron of S.A.

Clarrie Mitchell

SGT Frank Riley passed away peacefully some months ago, aged in his early 80's. Frank was the TPT NCO in HQ Sqn circa 1960, serving under Cedric Wells, Ray Stanley, Clarrie Mitchell and Brian Bond. Before retirement he was as a semi trailer driver with Kelvinator transporting white goods to Melbourne.

Clarrie Mitchell

VX 52226 LT Richard (Dick) Schofield (LTCOL Retd)

A Troop Leader of 3 Troop "A" Squadron, 2/9 Australian Armoured Regiment AIF, Dick died in Sydney on 2 May 2007.

Dick was inducted in late 1940 into the training scheme at Balcome for instructors to train officers and NCO's for the Armoured Fighting Vehicles School to be assembled at Puckapunyal in February, 1941, as a preliminary to the formation of the Armoured Division. Thus he had contact with officers and NCO's from South Australia and Tasmania who were later to form the 2/9 Australian Armoured Regiment.

When the Regiment moved to Puckapunyal for training in late 1941 Dick was attached to it and later he was commissioned in it. After preliminary training , he was attached to "A" Squadron and later appointed Troop Leader of 3 Troop. He trained his troop in various tanks ..such as the General Grant, the Stuart (his favorite), and the Matilda.His training was strict and of high quality, helped by his own earlier training as an instructor. He led his troop through in the opposed landing on Muara Island, then on to Brunei, he then pushed down the coast to Miri, Sarawak. Here he organised the defences for an anticipated counter attack by the Japanese. However, hostilities ceased suddenly with the dropping of the atom bomb.

He became active in assisting troops in rehabilitation and training for civilian life. After the war he retained a connection with the Army and in time attained the rank of LTCOL. He maintained his close links with the 2/9 Aust Armd Regt Group Association, visited us for commemorations etc. and attended our visit to the Commonwealth War Memorial, Canberra. Unfortunately his health prevented his attendance at the unveiling of our plaque there last year. We will all miss him.

Reg Skinner
2IC, A Sqn

James Alexander (Jim) Polkinghorn (Capt Retd) passed away peacefully on Sunday, 16 December 2006, aged 67 years.

Bill Carmichael

Bill was buried on Monday 22 May 06, he passed away on Wed 17 May 06, Bill has been a member of SAMRA since 1993.

"It is with great sadness to learn of the passing of Bill. He had a great love for the unit, Scotland and poetry."

Regards Dean Manuel.

CAPT Albert Pryce RFD ED (Capt Retd) passed away last night (Wed 5 Apr 06) after fighting against an aggressive cancer for over 2 years. In fact the medical marvel he achieved by surviving for so long has created a new record the medical profession are amazed about. Thankfully, he is now at rest.

Murray Alexander

"I remember Bert coming to 3/9 in around 1964 from 4/19 PWLH. He was a meticulous planner, and a very competent radio technician. On one occasion when comms were really not working well, Bert ran the entire regimental net through a 10 set with an aerial slung over a wire fence. I don't pretend to know how he did it, but I remember being mightily impressed by his skill. I'm sure all who knew him will have tales to tell about Bert's quiet determination."

Yours in Armour, Mike Phillips.

John B. Blinman, 3/9 SAMR 1936 - 2005

John B. Blinman was a SAMRA member since 1994 and was admitted Ward C at FMC on life support in August 05.

John died aged 69 on the 24th December 2005, the funeral was held on the 30th December 2005 which I attended. There were about 60-70 people there being family and members of his bowls club, the retired bankers' association and the RSL. A good eulogy was delivered with his beret on the coffin and a bugler for the Last Post.

"John did 3 months National Service as well as his service with 3/9 SAMR. I met his only surviving sibling, Michael, explained why I was there and offered the Association's condolences and made a donation to the Heart Foundation on behalf of SAMRA."

Mark McKenna

Tpr John Bermingham, B Sqn - Gawler, 1938 - 2005

John sadly passed away on Sunday, 2 October 2005 aged 67, as a result of a heart attack.

Warrant Officer Class One Ray Brown
29 January 1949 - 31 January 2005


Ray's introduction to army life began when he became a member of the schools army cadet unit, achieving the rank of Cadet Under officer. A highlight of these times was a camp in the school holidays at El Alamein Army Camp - a proper soldier for two weeks! On leaving school he gained a printing apprenticeship with Adelaide Typographers - a branch of News Ltd - under Jack Oatey who was also a neighbour. Ray was never really happy with this work, and when he was called up for National Service, he couldn't resign his job fast enough. Whilst in the regular army Ray gained the rank of Acting Troop Sgt, 1st Armoured Regiment. Whilst he was there he played football against Kevin Sheedy's Engineers team (and lost the game.) When National Service was abandoned due to a change of Government, he wanted to stay in the Regular army, but was forced to leave due to hearing damage caused by noise of tank guns. Ray then spent a further 16 years in the Army Reserve where he rose to the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1 within the Armoured Corps.

Nec Aspera Terrent